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2018: The year interoperability became critical to collaboration

September 26, 2018 Community Highlights 1 Comment

Interoperability is, by definition, real-time data exchange between systems without middleware. In collaboration IT, interoperability usually happens when competitors work together. When two competing systems work together, without regard to brand name, the end user’s outcome then becomes same. This is crucial for collaboration to enable, well, genuine collaboration. Lack of interoperability in collaborative businesses ...

Reducing Noise in the Workplace with MRT

January 11, 2018 How We Chat 0 Comments

Using Media Richness Theory as a Guide for Effectively Communicating in the Modern Workplace Notification Overload Through Multiple Communication Channels If you’ve had the experience of working with a small startup in its earliest stages, you’re aware of a certain magic ✨: Everyone is in the same room. When everyone is in the same room, ...