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Handling team chat after a merger or acquisition

August 13, 2018 Highlights Insights 0 Comments

The numbers have been crunched. The job titles have been changed. You’ve made an acquisition. Congratulations! Pats on the back for everyone. But, now questions are being asked: “We acquired a company that uses Slack. We don’t- what should we do?” “We’re merging with another company and have two different Slack workspaces- do I have ...

Reducing Noise in the Workplace with MRT

January 11, 2018 How We Chat 0 Comments

Using Media Richness Theory as a Guide for Effectively Communicating in the Modern Workplace Notification Overload Through Multiple Communication Channels If you’ve had the experience of working with a small startup in its earliest stages, you’re aware of a certain magic ✨: Everyone is in the same room. When everyone is in the same room, ...

Enterprise Chat News Roundup #13

November 17, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

It’s almost Thanksgiving! 🦃 🍽 Here’s what you need to know in enterprise chat news this week: Messenger becomes a business tool 👥 💬 The Facebook Messenger team dropped a major announcement for their platform introducing a new customer chat tool for businesses. With this 2.2 release, Messenger looks to connect businesses and their customers in ...

How we chat: Breather

October 24, 2017 How We Chat 1 Comment

A look at how one team created a company-wide “Slack Chat Style Guide” to work better together. Breather, meeting rooms on demand & short term office space. There are few better ways to unite a team than a well-designed style guide. In many cases, a style guide is designed as a living document. It can change ...

Enterprise Chat News Roundup #10

October 13, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

It’s October 🍁, ATX is getting cooler 🌡 and the enterprise messaging news is still flowing in. Here’s what you need to know in news this week: Cortana within Skype 🤖 / 💬 Some may recall an announcement made at the Microsoft Build conference early last year, where a video demo showed a vision to get ...

Enterprise Chat News Roundup #9

October 6, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

It’s October, and the enterprise messaging news hasn’t stopped. Here’s what you need to know in news this week: Slack’s Latest Partnership With this official announcement, Slack looks to offer a flexible way for users to easily connect enterprise bots from Oracle’s Intelligent Bot Platform — without the need to be technical. Oracle has been building bots ...