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Microsoft Teams Dribbble Bot

Dribbble: Bots of Microsoft Teams

May 22, 2017 How We Chat 0 Comments

Dribbble, the site for creatives, now has an app for Microsoft Teams that will let you easily pull random shots into your Teams conversations. You can pull a shot by hex code or word. For example, check out the happy sloth the Dribbble bot returned when I looked up #f00000: To save space in your chats, it ...

Let’s Talk About Kayak: Bots of Microsoft Teams

May 12, 2017 How We Chat 0 Comments

Everyone loves Kayak, right? We all know it as the simple, clean travel planner. The kind folks at Kayak even brought us this Excel-like travel planner, to keep your travel planning on the DL. But planning your vacations just got even easier—if you hang out on Microsoft Teams, you don’t even have to leave your chat ...