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Building Better Enterprise Bots for the Workplace

Integrations March 15, 2017


Building Better Enterprise Bots for the Workplace


For our final party of the day at Botness Enterprise, Chris Messina moderated a panel of bot experts, talking about all things better bot.

Each of the panelists gave one aspect of a better bot:

Ben Brown, CEO of Howdy: “Enhance the conversation automatically.”
Andy Mauro, CEO of Automat: “Natural language is not optional — you have to get better at it.”
Lili Cheng, General Manager at Microsoft FUSE Labs: “Have companies in the conversation.”
Amir Shevat, Director of Developer Relations at Slack: “Short and contextual — bring value to the conversation.”

Chris asked a lot of great questions. One of them: when you think about people designing bots, how can bots more clearly present themselves to users so users aren’t frustrated?

Ben said to create the richest experience possible, not just choose one mode — nobody using NLP interface will be angry when a menu or button appears, and vice versa. It’s not about perfect human interaction replication, it’s about making sure the user gets where they need to go.

Make sure to check out the video for more great insights on adoption and use of bots in the workplace, the future of work (recruiting bots to our teams?), and NLP and what the next ten years hold.

We covered the bot ecosystem at SXSW 2017 — catch up on our posts here, or follow us on Twitter for more Botness Enterprise goodness!

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