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Let’s Talk About Kayak: Bots of Microsoft Teams

May 12, 2017 How We Chat 0 Comments

Everyone loves Kayak, right? We all know it as the simple, clean travel planner. The kind folks at Kayak even brought us this Excel-like travel planner, to keep your travel planning on the DL. But planning your vacations just got even easier—if you hang out on Microsoft Teams, you don’t even have to leave your chat ...

The Venture Capital Landscape for Bots in 2017

March 16, 2017 How We Chat 0 Comments

Phil Libin, Managing Director at General Catalyst, and Matt Hartman, Partner at Betaworks Ventures sat down to talk about venture capital and the bot ecosystem at Botness Enterprise during SXSW. The first question: what didn’t work in 2016? The answer: Bots went according to plan, and everything else did not. Venture capital insights in a #bot ecosystem: Enterprise software changing by ...