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We’ve launched a new look!

Highlights Mio Updates October 29, 2018


We’ve launched a new look!

Big news! We’ve released an updated brand identity and website for Mio.

Yes, you read that correctly: Mio!

We’ve modified our name from M.io to Mio, pronounced “mee-ohh.” In addition, we have a new logo and completely new site content.

We believe our new identity better matches what we’ve become (and what many of you were already calling us) over the past several months. Mio is the most seamless way to keep team communication in sync across multiple chat apps, and our logo symbolically represents this.

The new Mio logo
  • The teal and plum chatboxes symbolize the multiple silo’d team chat platforms existing within enterprises today.
  • The dark purple chatbox created by the two overlapping chatboxes represents our technology- a seamless integration that sits within each messaging app and connects users, channels & spaces across platforms.
  • The ellipses stand for the common conversation and team-wide collaboration Mio ultimately enables, allowing each messaging app to peacefully coexist within an organization.
  • The shape & color of our mark reference past M.io and Message.io identities.

We hope you like this look for Mio, and take a moment to browse our new site, which has tons of videos showcasing how amazingly native our end-user experience has become. You’ll begin to see this new look rolling out across our digital channels, conferences and events.

We’d love to know what you think, and if you’re ready to sync your teams, give us a shout by simply tapping the GET STARTED button at the top of our site.