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Introducing Channel Sync with the M.io Hub

Highlights M.io Updates August 30, 2018


Introducing Channel Sync with the M.io Hub

M.io Product Updates v1.9:
Introducing Channel Sync w/ the M.io Hub!

IT Admins can now sync all Slack channels & Webex Teams spaces across their company with the new M.io Hub.

Today, we’re excited to release two key features that give businesses the ability to synchronize all public channels and spaces: The new M.io Hub and Channel Sync.

Based on user feedback in active pilot customers, we’ve streamlined the M.io setup process to make enabling an entire organization’s cross-platform chat possible, all without requiring employees to take additional setup steps.

Let’s take a closer look at both updates.

Introducing the M.io Hub for Admins

Creating a hub in Mio
Creating a hub in Mio

What is the M.io Hub?
M.io Hub is the best way to quickly connect all Slack workspaces and Webex Teams accounts in your organization. This power feature activates team-wide interoperability across all chat accounts and it’s live for you to try it out.

Here’s the simple steps you go through when setting up your M.io Hub:

1. Go to http://m.io and select “Create Hub”

  1. Name Your M.io Hub & choose an icon

    Creating a hub in Mio
    Creating a hub in Mio

    3. Authorize admin access for your primary chat platform

Allowing access in Mio
Allowing access in Mio
  1. Add a second chat team account
Add a second team in Mio
Add a second team
M.io Webex Authorization
M.io Webex Authorization
  1. Once you confirm all these steps, you’ve created an M.io Hub for your company at https://{companyname}.m.io!

    Success screen
    Success screen
  2. Confirm all Webex Teams and Slack workspaces before M.io Channel Sync begins. Spaces will be added to Slack. Channels will be added to Webex Teams

2. New: “Channel Sync” for Slack & Webex Teams

The last step of the new Hub creation process above reveals our other new feature, Channel Sync.

What is Channel Sync?
Admins can make all public Slack channels auto-appear as spaces for Webex users, and make all Webex Teams spaces auto-appear as channels for Slack users. Create a conversation on one end and it’s live and running on the other in real-time

See public Slack channels in the Webex Directory, and Webex spaces in the Slack channel directory, thanks to M.io
See public Slack channels in the Webex Directory, and Webex spaces in the Slack channel directory, thanks to M.io


Why we built it:
For companies with tens/hundreds/thousands of channels and spaces across Slack and Webex, there’s a strong need for all public conversations to be listed and available.

Once M.io Channel Sync is activated, it’s easy for any employee to natively find, join and invite members.

How Channel Sync works for admins:

During Hub setup shown above, M.io will create a real-time copy of all public channels and spaces.

  • Channels and spaces found across all team accounts that were imported into the M.io Hub will be copied and sync’d for members, and will also be automatically added to public native Slack and Webex Teams directories.
  • Private channels will not be included in Channel Sync.
  • Channel Sync also works for multiple Slack workspaces, not just Slack to Webex Teams.

How Channel Sync works for employees:

  • Employees have all spaces and channels available to join and chat in both Webex and Slack. They can instantly send messages in these channels and the entire group will receive them, no matter what platform they each use.
  • All public conversations can be discovered and joined via the native Slack & Webex Teams directories.
  • Employees can optionally decide to set one chat platform as their “primary” moving forward, so when they receive invitations to new spaces or channels, M.io knows to automatically create a new copy within their preferred platform.

    Channel and Space invitations
    Channel and Space invitations
  • M.io lets you natively add Slack users to Webex Spaces and Webex users to Slack channels!
  •  Slack & Webex Teams can seamlessly work together

Setup your M.io Hub today at https://m.io to get started. You can also schedule a demo to learn more.

Use Microsoft Teams and Slack?

Request access to our our beta waitlist by going here and completing the following form.

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