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Enterprise Messaging News Round Up #29

Slack’s employees have revealed why the company has avoided adding end-to-end encryption to its app. Cisco celebrates Webex being back in action. Microsoft Teams has welcomed Confluence integration to their service, and Google is changing the way it’s users manage messages. Let’s take a look at the biggest stories we’ve seen so far. Slack Says ...

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2018: The year interoperability became critical to collaboration

September 26, 2018 Community Highlights 1 Comment

EDITOR’S NOTE: Following publication of the original article, another significant merger has taken place in the collaboration industry. Read on to find out October’s latest addition. Interoperability is, by definition, real-time data exchange between systems without middleware. In collaboration IT, interoperability usually happens when competitors work together. When two competing systems work together, without regard ...

Enterprise Chat News Roundup #14

July 3, 2018 Industry News 0 Comments

Well hello there! 👋 We took a break from our weekly industry news roll-up to launch M.io for Unified Team Chat. You now can look forward to weekly updates from us once again, covering the constantly changing landscape that is workplace messaging. Even with Summer in full swing, the last week and a half of ...

Enterprise Chat News Roundup #13

November 17, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

It’s almost Thanksgiving! 🦃 🍽 Here’s what you need to know in enterprise chat news this week: Messenger becomes a business tool 👥 💬 The Facebook Messenger team dropped a major announcement for their platform introducing a new customer chat tool for businesses. With this 2.2 release, Messenger looks to connect businesses and their customers in ...

Enterprise Chat News Roundup #12

November 3, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

Oh hey, it’s November! 🦃Here’s what you need to know in enterprise chat news this week: Botkit for all 🤖 The Bot Capital of the World is at it again! This time our good friends from Botkit have dropped a giant update to Botkit Studio — a bot building platform. Ben Brown made a major announcement followed by ...