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Enterprise Chat News Round Up #19

The enterprise chat industry has started August with a bang. 💥👊 From exciting announcements about Cisco acquisitions to Microsoft placing Slack on its official competitor watch list, action is already brewing for this new month. Here are some of the best stories from enterprise messaging in the last week (2nd of August to the 9th). Slack ...

The Enterprise Messaging Wars Are Only Just Beginning

July 31, 2018 Highlights Insights 1 Comment

Following Atlassian’s capitulation to Slack last week, a headline on Wired.com proclaimed “The Office-Messaging Wars Are Over. Slack Has Won.” While Slack may have won the Office Messaging Wars of 2014-2017, the Enterprise Messaging Wars of 2018-2020 are only just beginning. Get your popcorn bowls out The prize will be dominance in the multi-billion enterprise ...