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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #5

September 8, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

We read enterprise messaging news all week long, every week. Every Friday, we roll up that news into a “must reads” list. Here’s our weekly round up of articles and stories we’ve been following recently: Atlassian announces Stride And just like that…Another enterprise platform has emerged! Atlassian Summit 2017 is an annual event being held ...

How we use Workplace by Facebook

August 31, 2017 How We Chat 0 Comments

An inside look at team collaboration with the latest business productivity app from Facebook. A view of our Facebook Workplace News Feed https://www.facebook.com/workplace/ In March, our team at Message.io signed up for Workplace by Facebook: the online team collaboration tool for companies and organizations. To help you better evaluate the product, we’re sharing the benefits, channels, ...

Enterprise Chat News Roundup #3

August 26, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

👀 There’s been several recent announcements from the enterprise messaging platforms themselves this week that you won’t want to miss, and even a new player to the scene! Here’s our weekly round-up: Cisco Spark Makes Four Major Breakthroughs in Security, Compliance, and Analytics Looks like IT folks are going to dig Cisco Spark’s latest improvements. ...

The Brave New Workplace: Navigating Enterprise Chat

August 23, 2017 Insights 0 Comments

By Tom Hadfield In the 1980s, the graphical user interface (GUI) came along and changed everything for the modern workplace and how teams worked together. Then came the World Wide Web in the 1990s and the mobile revolution in the 2000s. Now, we are watching the beginning of the next sea change in how teams work ...