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Enterprise Chat News Round Up #15

Industry News July 11, 2018


Enterprise Chat News Round Up #15

Industry News

The last week (July 3rd — 10th) has produced a few newsworthy stories in the chat space, including updates from Microsoft Teams, Slack and some interesting research.

Let’s dive right in!

New Research: Messaging Security with Cisco, Microsoft & More

new report is out exploring the security of messaging systems delivered by companies like Microsoft and Cisco this month. With an increasing number of spams, cyber-attacks, malicious software and high adoption of cloud based services, the messaging security market should grow to a value of around $6 billion by the end of 2023. That’s a CAGR rate of around 16%.

Messaging security market graph

The study suggests that some of the biggest players in the messaging security market are McAfee, Trend Micro Incorporated, Symantec, Cisco Systems & Microsoft. An exciting time to be investing in enterprise messaging!

Microsoft Teams Introduces Visio Support & More Apps

Microsoft Teams has showed us loads of great things recently.

To provide their users with the most simplified “single-pane-of-glass” solution for collaboration, Microsoft recently added Visio interoperability into their Teams app. According to a blog from Microsoft on the 3rd of July, you can now edit, collaborate on, and view Visio diagrams directly in Microsoft Teams.

All you need to do is upload a Visio diagram to your channel conversation to share it with your group. Simple!

Microsoft Teams Introduces Visio Support & More Apps

Additionally, Microsoft’s continued effort to streamline digital workflow included easier switching between Office 365 apps and third-party integrations. In the Teams web client, you can now expand your Office 365 app launching area to access key applications like OneDrive, Word, and Outlook.

Apps available in Microsoft Teams

You can also use the same space to launch third-party apps available through Teams. Microsoft frequently introduces new collaborative solutions to their Teams service, and this month, including Jell, Zoho Projects, and RSpace.

Lifesize Redesigns Their App for On-the-Go Collaboration & Messaging

Video conferencing company Lifesize recently redesigned their mobile applications to help global businesses become more productive. In the remote workplace, the new Lifesize mobile app is designed to simplify the process of working away from the desk.

Their list of mobile-first features include:

  • Presentations on-the-go
  • Swipe to listen only mode
  • Send call invites via text
  • Chat and call notifications
Lifesize mobile app

Slack gets Slick(er) with Search

Slack rolled out search filters this week. That’s right. You’ve been using Slack without a search filter option all this time. Imagine the possibilities now this simple addition is about to revolutionize your life… or your job at least. All you need to do is type in the search bar and everything related to that topic will appear.

Slack search functionality

Microsoft Teams Launches Learning Courses

Want to make sure that you’re a pro at Microsoft Teams in time for the switch away from Skype?

As of the first of July, Microsoft Teams has launched their “Enabling Teamwork with Microsoft Teams” online course. The course was announced on the 9th of July, and it’s designed to offer IT pros all the information they need to enable and deliver Microsoft Teams support for their users.

Microsoft Teams learning courses

Microsoft will be leveraging EdX.org as their learning platform, and students can expect the course to take place over a period of around four weeks, for 2–4 hours per week. You can also purchase a certificate to show that you successfully completed the course.

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