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Tips for the Bot Scene at SXSW 2017

Community March 8, 2017


Tips for the Bot Scene at SXSW 2017

Each March, visitors head into Austin from across the globe to join fellow film, music, and tech enthusiasts for a few weeks of panels, networking, shows, and parties.

The bot scene in Austin is growing like crazy, and for good reason. Austin’s home to a thriving startup culture, and it’s been ranked as the best place to start a business in America. We’re excited to be part of a town with such a great tech scene!

So, if you’re heading into town for SXSW and if you’re interested in bots, we’ve got a few tips for you:

  1. Bot talks: Check out Liz Winkler’s must-read guide to the top bot sessions at SXSW. And whatever happens, don’t miss Dharmesh Shah’s talk at 11am on Saturday 11th, or Esther Crawford and Mikhail Larionov’s panel at 9:30am on Monday 13th.
  1. Botness Enterprise: Come to Botness Enterprise on Monday the 13th! The founders of more than 40 enterprise bot startups are flying in from around the world for a half-day session focused on building better bots for the enterprise. Representatives from all the major enterprise messaging platforms – including Slack, HipChat, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Spark, CA Flowdock, RingCentral Glip and Salesforce Chatter – will be together on stage for the first time. General Catalyst partner Phil Libin and Matt Hartman from betaworks will be discussing the venture capital landscape for enterprise bots in 2017.
  1. Get updates: Sign up for the daily BotsAtSXSW.com newsletter from Message.io. Our team will posting reviews of all the bot sessions.
  1. Stay connected: Follow #BotsAtSXSW on Twitter to get notified of parties, meetups, and impromptu get togethers for the bot community.
  1. Hang with the locals: Look out for fellow Austin-based bot companies: Howdy, Conversable, Voxable and Claimbot. Austin has more venture-backed bot companies per capita than any other city in the world, giving it claim to be the Chatbot Capital of the World. If you’d like to get plugged into the Austin bot community, be sure to come to the next Talkabot ATX monthly meetup.
  1. Talk to the bot: Meet Abby, the official SXSW bot. She’ll help you navigate the festival, find out what’s happening, and get answers to any questions.

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